Announcement of Accepted Papers and Panels for the Conference ‘Towards Post-Media Studies in Asia’

Dear all:

We are delighted to announce the list of accepted papers and panels for the conference ‘Towards Post-Media Studies in Asia’. Thank you for the submission. If you have any inquiry, please be free to contact us:

Dear those whose paper or panel has been accepted:

As we have already asked you in the letter of acceptance we sent on 19th December, please send an-email back to us to confirm your participation no later than 28th December so that we can make a program. Thank you for your corporation.


Yoshitaka Mōri, Organizing Committee, Tokyo University of the Arts

NO. name title affiliation
1 Lik Sam Chan Dating potential: The forming of desiring subjects in dating apps in contemporary China University of Southern California
2 John Wolfgang Roberts Metafictionality as Ethic: Affecting Change in our Narrative Ecologies Mie University/ University of Birmingham
3 Hyunjoon Shin The Roles of Social Media in ‘Cut out’ Seoul and Mobile Space-making by Young Artists in Seoul, South Korea Sunkonghoe University
4 Maria Grajdian Japan’s Paris, or: On Humanity as Extension(s) of Media Nagasaki University
5 Jong Pairez Strange Connections: Radio Kosaten as a Collaborative Research
Tokyo University of the Arts
6 Ji-hoon Felix Kim Contemporary East Asian Postinternet Art of the Moving Image:
Postproduction, Circulationism, and the Layers of the Global and the Local
Chung-ang University
7 Yeran Kim Affective Network in the Popular Movement of Feminism Kwangwoon University
8 Kuan Chee Wah The Roles of Digital Technology in the Politics of Contentious of Malaysia Hong Kong Baptist University
9 Jones Gareth ‘Readerly Shuttlings’: How New Materialism, Borrowed Scenery and a Cross-Cultural Community Walking Practice Contribute to an Attentive Engagement with the City University of Dundee
10 Kelly Hu Japan’s AKB48 General Election, Spreadable Media and Chinese Fans Crowdfunding Campaigns National Taiwan Normal University
11 Stephen Sarrazin Images in exile Ken Nakahashi Gallery
12 Andreas Lenander Ægidius The Disappearance of Music Media – Theorizing Post-media Conditions for Control in the East Asian Music Industry. University of Southern Denmark.
13 Lisander Martínez Mexijuku: Mexico City’s Harajuku and new Japanese identities Tsukuba University
14 Chung Il-Joon Candlelight Rallies in South Korea: Entwining and/or Merging of Online/Offline Protests? Korea University
15 Park Sungwoo Mediatization and cultural practice in Asia: with a case in Hallyu Woosong University
16 Kano Ai Re-finding the concept of the ‘Tactical Media’ in the post-media era in the terranian of Socially Engaged Art  Tokyo University of the Arts.
17 Jin-Woo PARK Politics and  Dispositif on the basis of Michel Foucault and Giorgio Agamben  Konkuk University
18 Panel: Nina Horisaki-Christens et al. Heterogeneous Voices: East Asian Video Art and Intermedia in the 1970s and 1980s Sophia University/ Columbia University et al.